Social Media Tools For Empowering Citizen Journalists

social media journalism

Be it a politician caught doing something wrong on a smartphone of a person around, or a deadly shooting caught on a phone camera. Smartphones, videos and social media have become an excellent combination to empower citizens to fight for their rights and tell their stories in an effective and outreaching way.

Today, the kind of intuitive and easy to use social media tools are available are good enough to empower citizen journalists. Whether it is reaching out to fellow citizens or spreading a news about a local issue to concerned authorities, social media can be used effectively in order to resolve issues faster than ever. For instance people use social media platform like Facebook and Twitter to each out to their lawmakers and local municipal elected leaders to convey their messages in an effective manner.

It’s a fact that social media has become the 4th pillar of democracy and it has become a medium for citizen journalist which is faster than conventional print and electronic media. Majority of people are signed up on Facebook and Twitter like networks, hence spreading the word and news story with these tools has become a lot easier than it was before with traditional media platforms.

Today all you need is a smartphone with camera and a social media account to reach out to your millions of fellow citizens to raise your voice and to fight for your rights in a manner that is far more effective and efficient.

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