Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case For iPad Pro

Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case

Razer is a well known brand for producing superior quality gaming hardware and software and it has been praised by many tech giants in recent past for its innovative products and tech. Recently the company launched a new Mechanical Keyboard Case for iPad Pro device. Even though the price is on the higher side, but the keyboard case looks absolutely stunning with the iPad pro tablet. Razer has set the price tag at $169.99 and you can purchase it online at company’s official website.

The case is provided with a metal kickstand and can be easily connected with the iPad pro device using bluetooth connectivity. This beautifully designed detachable keyboard’s main feature is the ultra low profile mechanical switches that makes it very easy to use and highly efficient in terms of typing as well.

Besides, excellent mechanical switches, this keyboard case also features backlight illumination level that goes up to 20 levels of brightness. This feature alone makes it a good buy because it can be used in all kinds of lighting condition with your iPad Pro. That said, the metal kickstand is also great in terms of supporting multiple angles for easy use. The keyboard case can be used for close to 10 hours with a single charge at full brightness level.

It’s a great buy if you prefer working on your iPad Pro device a lot.

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