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Photo booths are a great way of increasing the entertainment factor in your event. Everybody loves a good photo booth! And if you get to have a GIF photo booth then you might just have the best party of the year. Gif booths have captivated buyers like no other. And if you think that’s this is all just plain talk then think again. Here is the lowdown on how to create a great animated gif using your photo booth software.

Animated GIFs are All the Rage

Long gone are the days when all gifs contained were dancing cats and babies. Today it’s all about the people. And with an animated gif photo booth, you can now offer your clients with something unique to help you stand out.

Almost all photo booths allow you to create gifs, but there are some great photo booths with which you can have animated pictures and animated backgrounds as well. In case your next party is going to be organized in Pittsburgh, give a try to they are one of the prominent photo booth rental providers in the city. Also, they offer GIF and slow motion booth features with their standard packages.

Create Your Animated GIF

Animated GIFs are quite easy to create, especially if you have good photo booth software. All you have to do is click pictures at several intervals of time and then you can create the perfect animated GIF. Also, create the perfect GIF background using the green screen which you can enable easily.

So how exactly is this possible?

Well, first you need to download photo booth software that supports the required feature like Social Booth. Once the software has been downloaded, you can begin your process of creating an animated gif on an animated background.

The first thing you will require is a stock video that will be used for your animated background. You can get this quite easily from a site like VideoHive.

The next step is to capture frames from the video to use in your background. 5 to 10 clicks are more than enough to make your animation look perfect.

Then, enable animated gifs in your software and also allow animated backgrounds after which you can select the frames you have captured. Also remember to let your green screen as animated backgrounds depend on that as well.

In case you cannot use a green screen but would still like a similar effect then you can use Animated Overlays which is just like a green screen except for one difference. In animated overlays, the animation is being placed on top of the image unlike in a green screen where the image is placed over the animation. Good photo booth software will give a nice variety of options and tools for creating the perfect GIF both with an animated background and without one as well.

Hurry Up and Make your First Animated GIF

With the perfect animated GIF, you can showcase an entire journey through pictures and share it with your friends and family through social networking sites. Entertain your friends and family with your very photo booth with GIF creation features and take your event one step further. Set up your photo booth now!

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