Microsoft Releases 1080p Netflix Playback on Edge Browser

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If there is something that Microsoft definitely knows is the fact how much people hated using its old browser — the almighty Internet Explorer. In fact there might be no other subject in entire technology world than Internet Explorer that has been the punching bag of coders and developers from every corner of the industry. This is Microsoft has been working tirelessly on its new Edge browser and trying every PR exercise to present it in a different way to its customers.

Last week, on company blogpost it mentioned that Microsoft Edge with Apple’s Safari browser are the only two that can play 1080p resolution videos for Netflix streaming. It also claimed the Edge offers by far the best bitrates compared to other popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The interesting part of the whole story is that they also provided a document published by Netflix in support of Microsoft’s claim.

According to the document provided by Netflix, unlike Safari and Edge, other popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Opera can only support 720p HD resolution. Last month also Netflix published similar case study in which it claimed that Edge delivered 18-70% more battery life compared to other browsers on laptop devices.

In the blog post company also mentioned that this test is part of company’s vision to develop next generation technology, codecs and media formats for ultraHD video content. They are also working in collaboration with chipset manufacturers to come up with technology for content protection that provides higher level of security. It would easily enable the company to provide 4K video content to its customers which is the highest standard in terms of video playback ability of different devices.

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