Boston Photo Booth Rental – Strike A Pose & Smile

excellent photo booth rental bostonThe Capture the Moment Photo Boston, MA is the right form of entertainment your party could do with to keep it going through the night. They offer the possibility of you being able to relive the entire night over and over again with perfect digital photographs of the best quality and easy to use photo booth. They have all modern equipment yet maintaining the old traditional feel of the first photo booths ever created.

The party booths have many features that can be customized and an advanced form of a photo booth complete with different layouts as per your event requirements. They have:

Touch screens that are large enough.
  • Guests can choose from color or black and white pictures and more.
  • They have an additional Photo-Cam outside the booth to show what’s going on inside the booth!
  • Double or triple print packages for pictures available.
  • 11’ × 14’ print size.
  • Seprate event photography service for those who wants to try their photography service along with photo booths.
  • An Internal Display screen to provide a live preview.
  • Strips are in print in full quality with smudge resistant property in less than 17 seconds.
  • The personalized audio message can be put up to greet your guests.


This photo booth rental in Boston has two main packages for their customers to choose from and they are:

1. Photo Booth Scrapbook Pro:

With 6 hours of usage time.
Unlimited number of double prints.
Customized pictures in the form of strips or colors and graphics.
22’ Touchscreen available.
Photo Cam outside the booth.
Guests can choose the color or black and white color option.
Welcome or Exit voice message for the guests.
Full Scrapbook service available.
Photo DVD.
Pro Gloss type of finish
Set up and removal of booth included.

2. Photo booth Grand

All the same features as above but without a scrapbook feature and with a professional attendant standing by the booth to help out.


  • Open and spacious kiosks
  • No webcam type of quality.
  • Many customizable options.
  • 14 seconds for printing pictures.
  • No capacity limit for the number of people in pictures.
  • Attendant on site to help out.

They have a multi-booth system for parties that have as many guests as over 1000 or so with being able to put up around 20 photo booths.

You can contact them through their website online where they have provided their phone number and their office address. This way you can talk to the real photo booth business owner directly and get to know more about their products by testing them yourself.

They also have an online form which you can fill up and send it back to them with your details and your queries regarding your next big event and they will get back to you with information on their end.

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