Apple iOS 10: Optimum Mix of Innovative Features & Functionality

ios 10 india

It’s been over a week since i started testing the Apple iOS 10 on my iPhone 6S, and so far i’m pretty impressed with the new features and functions that are added to it. The OS update is expected to roll out for all the iOS devices in couple of month. If you haven’t tested the beta version, in this review i’ll tell you about how it has been performing on my device and what all i like and dislike about it. So, let’s explore the features first:

Much Better Notifications: In terms of design and practical functionality, the notifications are a big improvement. The new initiative design is a lot better than those previous icons and user interface and the integration of 3D touch is simply great.

Excessive Notifications: If you have not customized the interface for getting notifications for different features, then you will feel bombarded with tons of notifications that you may not like. For instance you will feel a bit irritated will all the notification popping over while reading an article or watching a video.

Messaging: Most people have forgotten about mobile phone messaging due to third party messaging apps like WhatsApp. However, with the new updated version of iMessage app, Apple seems to have turned the tide to take on the competition.

Lock Screens: In iOS 10 you will see tons of new features added to the lock screen and it appears as if Apple has learnt lesson from Android by making the local screen much better.

Functional Design: I personally really like the user interface of iOS 10. There are more visuals added to it which means much faster user experience as there is not much to read in it.

Given it is the beta version, there are obviously several bugs that needs to be fixed before the final version is rolled out. Overall experience has been pretty good and i look forward to update my other devices when the final build is announced in public.

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